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» » » » Jan Akrosh rally: Rahul claims Congress will win every election, BJP says daydream

NEW DELHI: Several prominent Congress leaders, including chief Rahul Gandhi, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and senior party leader Sonia Gandhi, launched a full-fledged attack on the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led BJP government at Centre today at the 'Jan Akrosh' rally organised by the party in the national capital.
Later in the day, the BJP accused the Congress of employing arm-twisting tactics and slammed the Congress chief for "disrespecting" PM Modi.
Here is a look at some of the comments and reactions on the rally:
Rahul Gandhi, Congress president- “The Congress will win every election from now on and will also emerge victorious in 2019”
“India is a country of many faiths and religions. The foundations of every faith are based on truth. When we bow our heads to Gods, we bow our heads to the truth. When PM Modi speaks, people have to search hard for shreds of truth within his speeches.”
“PM Modi says "Beti Bachao Beti Padhao". Ironically, the members of his own party are assaulting women.”
Sonia Gandhi, Congress - "The nation is going through a turbulent times under PM Modi"
"The Modi Government has left no stone unturned in destroying our democratic institutions. All his promises have turned out to be hollow.
“It is saddening to see that our society is suffering from unprecedented violence and hatred today. People from every section of society are suffering. The nation is going through turbulent times under PM Modi."
Manmohan Singh, former Prime Minister - "Our democracy is in danger"
"The Modi Govt's anti-farmer policies have resulted in an unprecedented agrarian distress in the country. Unemployment is on the rise and the youth of the country are distressed. Students taking loans for education are wondering how they will repay these loans if they do not get jobs.”
“Prices of fuel are rising in India despite low international crude oil prices.”
“Democratic institutions are under attack. Parliament is not being allowed to function and legislation is being bulldozed. Our democracy is in danger and we must all work together to protect it.”
Amit Shah, BJP president - "Country is tired of Congress's negative, arm-twisting tactics"
"I also hope the Congress President apologizes to the nation for the Party’s efforts to trample over every possible institution in the country just because of their power hungry nature. The country is tired of these negative and arm twisting tactics of the Congress."
"If the Congress really wants to know why there is Jan Akrosh, they should answer in today’s rally why did they disallow Parliament to function. They should answer why has the Congress prevented the formation of an OBC commission that gives justices to backward sections?"
"A dynasty and their courtiers, who were sent out of state after state by 'Jan Aadesh' now pretend to represent 'Jan Akrosh.’ Today’s Congress rally is nothing but a ‘Parivar Akrosh Rally’ which highlights their increasing irrelevance."

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Ravi Shankar Prasad, Union minister - "Rahul Gandhi is daydreaming"
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"Rahul Gandhi's rally in Delhi has been organised in the quest of power, though he has given it the name of 'Jan Akrosh' (people"s resentment)."
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Ajay Varma
"He has claimed that his party will win the Assembly polls in Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh as well as the Lok Sabha polls next year. He is daydreaming," Prasad told reporters here.
"He has shown scant respect for Narendra Modi, who is acknowledged as a global leader and whose four-year rule has been marked by a rapid economic progress, without any corruption scandal, unlike when the Congress ruled the country," Prasad said.

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