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» » » » Family of road rage victim say matter is being politicised to garner support for accused Navjot Singh Sidhu

The family of Gurnam Singh, who was allegedly killed in a road rage incident in which Punjab cabinet minister Navjot Singh Sidhu is an accused, has alleged that the issue is being politicised to garner sympathy for the accused.
"As politics has started over the issue, we feel the culprits are being given undue space and an opportunity to shine and enjoy publicity and they are using this space to show a fake image as people's messiah. The fact is that they are using dubious means and double standards to hide the grave crime committed by them (sic)," said Narvedinder Singh - the victim's son - in a letter to media.
Narvedinder said he and his family have lost the head of their family in cold-blooded murder committed in broad daylight, a victim of a rich and powerful person's ferocity and fury.
"The system has rubbed salt in our wounds as he has enjoyed top political positions and has been roaming freely in front of us and making a mockery of our helplessness by openly accepting his crime on national television and instead of showing any remorse he is challenging us to prove it in the court," Narvedinder said.
"It's been nearly three decades since we very patiently have been waiting for justice to be delivered. Half of my and my siblings' (lives) have gone contesting this case for justice with all the resources we have. And it has seriously affected the health of my aged mother and badly hit economic position of our family. There were many a testing times when we had lost all hopes especially when top political positions were awarded to him to capitalise on his celebrity status not keeping in mind his criminal past, and his laughter on national television used to ring in our ears reminding us of our helplessness," he added.
'Have faith in the law'
The victim's family has also pleaded that they are a poor agrarian family and expect justice.
"At the same time i will add since day one we had full faith in our judicial system because whenever powerful people have taken law in their hands and abused the freedom, human rights or suppressed an ordinary citizen of this country the highest temple of justice has stood behind them and delivered. We are ordinary agrarian family, and ordinary citizens of this country. We as a family have been struggling under immense pressure and are under threats of all sorts from people with vested interests and with almighty Waheguru's grace somehow coping with it we are finally seeing a ray of hope after 3 decades. We request all of you with folded hands, It's a humble request to all political parties and all the media houses from entire suyach family not to drag our matter in political domain or give it a political colour. It's murder of our father. And we want justice. As we don't want the culprits to take asylum behind these or give it a political colour," Narvedinder said.
Victim's family calls Sidhu a Villain
"It's a request to all media houses to stand with us in solidarity and make sure that a VILLAIN of SOCIETY isn't successful in converting this crime into space for political mileage. We believe this is not only our individual fight but we are fighting for every citizen of this country who has been victim to such insensitivity and vainglorious pride of a rich powerful person," Narvedinder added.
Three year improvement not enough
"It's unfair and unjust to us that government is asking for mere 3 years for culprits responsible for loss of valuable human life our irreplaceable loss and all the valuable 30 years we spent in agony.
"Political parties have shown double standards by holding a candlelit march for a girls life violently taken and at the same time have given cabinet berth to murderer of our father shows their true colours. Its such a sad state of affairs that instead of showing any remorse or apologising instead has been putting pressure and we are being threatened to back off from this fight for justice. We have also been offered money to purchase our dignity. All means including threats and allurements are being used and offered. We want to ask will their money get us our father back? Will their money heal the wounds of my aged mother? It's surprising and astonishing to see heights of their insensitivity that not even once (has) anyone apologised rather we were insulted as and when he was rewarded with political berths and he used to browbeat us on national television. Does a person who can take precious life of an elderly person do justice to people of punjab as their representative? (sic)"
"Instead of showing humility and regret we were openly challenged to prove in court and if these so called guardians of people are serious in what they say they should introspect and give us justice and give a strip off of all ranks and berths a criminal is enjoying under their patronage and set an example or not show a fake picture by demanding action from other political parties and lighting candles whereas darkness is in their hearts".
Kin ask Rahul Gandhi, Punjab CM to support them
"I would also like to say that we look up to both the President of the Congress party Rahul Gandhi and the Chief Minister of Punjab Captain Amarinder Singh to stand by us purely on grounds of humanitarianism and justice. I request them to please see that their party and their government is not misused as a tool to inflict more tyranny and more injustice on a helpless family which has been fighting for justice and survival against the danger posed by the mighty people in their party."
"I have hope that Rahul ji who held a march for justice in Delhi will show the same compassion and concern for the sufferings and travails of a suffering family in Punjab. I believe that Rahul ji will not side with an oppressor against a helpless family," Narvedinder Singh said.
"I will also like to take opportunity to thank the media and have full faith that the way they have been (maintaining) our privacy and sensitivity (in) the matter and have shown utmost respect for our loss and keeping our safety and emotions in mind shall continue to do so (sic). And i appeal to all of you, to pray for our entire family in these (testing) times.

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